The Insanity of God is #1!

  We are pretty excited. The Insanity of God movie is currently trending #1 on—the worldwide leader in advance movie ticketing. This is awesome for a number of obvious reasons. First, it is great to see something that we have worked hard on doing so well. (It could be on track to be the […]

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Organic vs. Canned: A Musical Odyssey

I opened the door to my hotel room, laid my bags down, and turned on the tv to catch some of the game before I had to head off to the first of many conference sessions. As I was unpacking my suitcase, a repeating video played on the TV showcasing the gigantic resort’s many amenities. As […]

  in Uncategorized - June 14, 2016

The ABC’s of Video Jargon

I (Chris) was on a video shoot a few years back and was helping the Director of Photography (D.P.)set up some things around the set. (Before I get too far into the story, let me just say that my background is not video production. I am a word guy. My background is in mass communications […]

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  We heard a story recently about a little boy. The boy wasn’t wealthy but he and his family were doing pretty well. He was the pitcher on his baseball team and one day he took a break to eat an apple. While he was snacking, another boy walked across the playground and asked what […]

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“With great power …”

Peter Parker looked into his Uncle Ben’s eyes … in some versions for the last time … as his wizened uncle uttered the famous phrase that proved to be the catalyst for Peter’s superhero trajectory: “With great power comes great responsibility.” This sentiment has the potential to make a huge impact on the world. That’s […]

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3 Crucial Mistakes Brands Make About Stories

Telling stories is easy. We all do it more than we realize. When you get home from work, you recap your day with your family in story form, you don’t give bulleted lists. (At least most humans don’t.) More and more people talk about the power of story in everything from business proposals to marketing […]

  in Content Marketing - March 21, 2016

Welcome to the team, Craig Martin! (PRESS RELEASE)

Change Media Hires Former IMB Communication Director NASHVILLE, TN, February 19, 2016 – Change Media, a Franklin based video production agency, has officially hired Craig Martin, former managing director of communications for the International Mission Board (IMB) to fill the position of Vice President of Creative Development. The move comes shortly before the screening of […]

  in Uncategorized - February 22, 2016

Official Screening of The Insanity of God

Our latest documentary, The Insanity of God, premieres next Thursday (Feb 25th). We are really excited about seeing the impact this film will have. In case you don’t know what it is about, IOG follows Nik Ripken, a leading expert on the persecuted church, around the world as he meets with Christians living in persecution and wrestles with […]

  in Uncategorized - February 19, 2016

A Few Tips on Writing Video Scripts

Anyone who has done any bit of writing will tell you that the way you write is heavily informed by the format in which you are writing. This is perhaps nowhere more true than in video script writing. Whether your script is a short 30-second piece or for a longer documentary, there are so many […]

  in Uncategorized - February 5, 2016

Thoughts for our friends at IMB

Yesterday was a rough day for some of our friends and former colleagues at International Mission Board (IMB) as many of them were let go. Most had served there for years, some for the vast majority of their careers. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them during this difficult time. Regardless of whether you […]

  in Content Marketing, Documentary - January 15, 2016

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