Organic vs. Canned: A Musical Odyssey

I opened the door to my hotel room, laid my bags down, and turned on the tv to catch some of the game before I had to head off to the first of many conference sessions. As I was unpacking my suitcase, a repeating video played on the TV showcasing the gigantic resort’s many amenities. As […]

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The ABC’s of Video Jargon

I (Chris) was on a video shoot a few years back and was helping the Director of Photography (D.P.)set up some things around the set. (Before I get too far into the story, let me just say that my background is not video production. I am a word guy. My background is in mass communications […]

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  We heard a story recently about a little boy. The boy wasn’t wealthy but he and his family were doing pretty well. He was the pitcher on his baseball team and one day he took a break to eat an apple. While he was snacking, another boy walked across the playground and asked what […]

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