The Insanity of God is #1!

  in Uncategorized - August 25, 2016



We are pretty excited. The Insanity of God movie is currently trending #1 on—the worldwide leader in advance movie ticketing.

This is awesome for a number of obvious reasons. First, it is great to see something that we have worked hard on doing so well. (It could be on track to be the top performing faith-based Fathom event.)  But more importantly, we truly believe this movie has a message that everybody—particularly the American church—needs to hear.

Christians around the world are not only enduring persecution—they are thriving under it! All too often we get complacent in our faith and shrink away from the slightest challenge, but Nik Ripken’s story, and the stories of persecuted believers everywhere, remind us that we are always truly free to follow Christ and share the unbelievable hope of the Gospel with others.

So regardless of what is going on around us, the direction our country may or may not be heading, or what is happening the world, we as followers of Christ are citizens of a Kingdom that has no borders. We are members of a church that even the gates of hell cannot stand against!

If that is not something worth celebrating, I’m not sure what is.